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2 new demos

December 11, 2010

Shooting Range I have (eventually) found time again to work on some demos, as always canvas based. I don’t think these demos are too interesting, but they allow me to test and debug the underlying javascript framework. So here they are…

We’ve got the 3D box here. This is actually fake 3D, the impression is given by manipulating the images with a mathematical matrix. It is entirely based on a great article explaining how transformation matrix works that can be found at senocular.com. There’s a demo at the end of the article that is the exact same as mine, which makes sense since the framework I’m using is supposed to allow flash-like coding.

3D box I also did a small shooting game. This was more like a complete checkup of what I was abble to do with my framework at this point. The good part is, it works. I’m using custom fonts, sounds, a rather complex view management, moving stuff , etc. The bad part is, it’s slow, at least on firefox. There are absolutely no performance problems on Chrome and Safari, so I’d advise you to try it out on these browsers. I was also unable to track down the source of the problem. Even some slight optimizations here and there, the game is still not reaching 30 frames per second, which grew me tired of this demo. But it’’s still working, so here it is.

I’m working on a couple of other demos, some of them are pure technical demonstrations, some others are probably more interesting, we’ll see which one will be finished first.

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