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September 01, 2012

In april, I noticed my site was suddenly down and after a quick investigation, it turned out that my hosting service had deactivated it because it contained some malware. I had stopped my bloging a vear year ago, and didn’t update wordpress since — so someone used a flaw that wasn’t corrected on the version I was used, and there we go. It didn’t bother me that much, I had no big use of my website at this point, so I left it offline.

![Me in peru, playing the quena](/assets/2012/09/peru.jpg "Me in Peru")
A picture of me learning to play the quena while hiking — a combination you'd like to avoid.

However, I recently attended my first conference, the Web Event Lyon, and had the opportunity to chat and listen to some very inspiring people — so inspiring that when I came home, I felt the urge to create things again. Over the last year and a half, pretty much all my energy went into my job, but I felt I now could work again both day and nights. Summer vacations came right away, preventing me from actually starting anything. I spent a week in bretagne and a month in Peru, and both travels gave me even more motivation and creativity.

Now I’m finally back home, and ready to go. I redesigned my website (yay for responsiveness \o/), rewrote the about me part and reuploaded my older posts. I’m not done yet, but I’ll fix the rest as I go — it’s time for the maintenance page to go away.

I did work on a couple of things in this year and a half that I didn’t post, and many things I blogged about have drastically changed since then. I have a couple of things standing ready, and lots of ideas for more things to do.

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