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Released TypeMotion

August 26, 2013

I just finished TypeMotion. When working on websites with heavy content, I found myself without a practical tool to see if my measures fall into the (roughly) 55–90 optimal length. So I wrote a small bookmarklet that gives you information about the measures of any paragraph on any website and let’s you see & adjust a couple of settings like font-size and line-height.

Feedback is very welcome.

Lessons learned

  1. There are many units in which you can set a font-size property: em, rem, px… I wanted to display the same unit the author used, but it’s actually a nightmare. Webkit has a getMatchedCSSRules function that can do that, but it’s non-standart and it’s unsure whether it will be around for a long time. In other browsers you’d probably have to rewrite a whole css engine so I went with the getComputedStyle for those ones.

  2. Bookmarklets that load scripts from non https domains don’t work on https websites; I had never noticed it, but yeah, cross-origin security policies.

  3. The design of the tool isn’t so great, but styling elements with pure js is a pain. I could have loaded a css file too, but than I would have to add classes or ids to my elements that won’t collide with author names, so I decided it wasn’t worth it.

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