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Sprint Week-Ends

June 12, 2018

Elaborating on this tweet:

It’s interesting how mid-sprint week-ends feel different from end-of-sprint week-ends.

Mid-sprint weeks, to me, feel like the moment you get your head out of the water: you catch a quick, deep breath, and dive in again. In french we say we’re “sous l’eau”, under the water, when we have a lot of work. When you can’t catch a breath. I’m usually in the middle of something when I leave, or there’s something I need to keep in mind. I get to rest, but unless I’m away for the week-end or something, I’ll also have some thoughs about what comes next, about how to tackle this or that problem.

The end of sprint is totally different. Everyhting gets finished, and if not, it’s abandonned and I can forget about it. The retrospectives and demos and stuff are a time to wind down, to slow down the pace. I can reply to friends or family who might have messaged me before, or do some personnal research. From friday night to monday morning, there is no more work.

I feel like we practically live on 2 week cycles. For all I know, a week could be 14 days long and just happen to have two break days in the middle.

It’d be interesting to see how I feel on shorter or longer cycles. One week feels like it’s not enough time to do anything, and three like an eternity, but who knows.

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