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I worked for a company called Caldera from 2013 to 2017. Their core activity is to provide software for large format printers — drivers, workflow management, etc.

My first missions where mostly about design and front-end work. There was no dedicated design team, so as one of the few design-minded devs there I participated in a lot of decisions when it came to the UI and UX of new products.

After a couple of months, I was put in charge of the development of two rather large applications. I can’t talk about one of them, but the other was a new GUI for Caldera’s engine built entirely in HTML5 and javascript. I built the UI with angular.js and the communication was done over regular HTTP calls as well as WebSockets, which were kind of new at the time. I shipped this app on all major platforms using nw.js and Cordova.

During my last years at Caldera, I spear-headed our efforts to transition to cloud-based solutions. This involved creating a fully fledged workflow management system for which I not only designed and built the GUI, but also wrote the back-end code that powered it using PHP and Node.js. For this project, I also set up our cloud architecture using a mixture of Amazon Web Services and home-rolled Docker containers. Finally, I helped our team adopt a more agile approach for the development of this product and was largely involved in product decisions and providing help to the support and sales team.