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I’m working for a company called Caldera since may 2013. SInce it’s still ongoing, I can’t talk to much about it here.

My role there is two-fold. First, we don’t have a dedicated design team, so as one of the few design-minded devs there, I participate in a lot of decisions when it comes to the UI and UX of our new products.

Secondly, I was — at the time I joined — the only developer on the team fluent with everyhting related to HTML5. Aside from smaller projects, I was the lead developer on several cross-platform software products. I wrote two rather large applications entirely in javascript (mostly with angular.js) and shipped them on major platforms using nw.js and Cordova.

These days, I’m spear-heading our efforts to offer cloud-based solutions. This includes another large HTML5 application as well as a lot of back-end code, both in PHP and node.js. I also get my hands dirty with deployments, using a mixture of Amazon Web Services and home-rolled Docker containers.