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Groupe ESC Troyes

From 2010 to 2013, I worked for a company called Groupe ESC Troyes. It’s an educationnal company that encompasses a management school, a design school and lots of other education-related activities. I created and took care of their websites during almost 3 years.

Apart from creating promotional material and building some websites to promote events, my main achievment there was the complete redesign of the website, a whopping 300+ pages beast targeting a wide range of users with different needs.

A screenshot of the website I did for Groupe ESC Troyes

Groupe ESC Troyes’s main website, the site I redesigned.

I worked on every aspect of the redesign albeit not alone. The information architecture was done with my boss, our communication agency designed the main pages and I derived the other ones from there on and I did all the coding myself, back and front end. The project lasted roughly 6 months and had a couple of twists in it, like the need for a separate CMS with several levels of validation.

The resulting website was a big leap forward for the company’s web presence. The traffic on the site increased quite a bit, and later after the initial launch we became the first management school in France with a complete responsive website.

This job is where I started to develop my design skills and realized that at the end of the day, coding and design is all about the same thing : solving problems. Working on such a large scale project was thrilling, but once finished I slowly started to get bored. This and some organizational issues made me look for another job after a very fullfilling time at Groupe ESC Troyes.