I registred for the BJJ Globetrotters Fall Camp! Because of financial issues I didn’t travel for 2 years now and I really miss it. But I still couldn’t afford a huge trip and had no one to come with me so a BJJ holliday has been on my mind for a couple of month now. I initially wanted to go to Portugal for a summer camp but couldn’t find one this year, so Copenhagen it is!

I’ve been there once, almost ten years ago, haha! I wonder if the city changed much, but I really dug it last time. Especially Christiana — I was more of a hippie then. I’ll be there from monday to monday, but the camp ends on saturday so I’ll have a free day to wander around. I’m not sure how much I’ll be abble to enjoy the city during the camp because of the training. Florian, who came back from the summer camp a couple of days ago, made me realize that training the whole day is actually exhausting. When I’m on the mats I feel I could do jiu-jitsu for hours without getting bored, but i forgot that my body might give in :D

I paid 400€ for the plane, the camp & the food. Accomodation will probably be another 100€, but Florian and Marie-Laure might come along, so we’ll see. I’m especially stocked at the opportunity to meet Keenan, I’m seriously considering buying a membership to his site. And I want to wear some /r/bjj patches so hopefully they’ll be out until then.