1. Explorations, January 2015
    I suppose it’s a bit telling that I write this month’s log on the 26th when I usually update them during the whole month: motivation has been slightly down. The lack of success in the areas I’m trying to improve and some overall tiredness made me skip my 2 first classes… ever. i usually don’t even think about going to class, I just do. But this week I skipped one to stay home and play Don’t Starve, and another one the next week just to get some rest. I feel a bit guilty about it but at the same time it was relaxing.
  2. Slight Re-Design

    After nine month of faithfull service (I started this blog on january 29th), the time had come for a slight redesign. 90% of the web is text and for sure 90% of this journal as well, so the whole design relies on solid typography. I kept it that way but got rid of Cousine, the monospaced font I used. The newcomer is Merriweather; I was already using the sans version for the menu but decided to go full Merriweather after seeing Matthew Palmers blog. Merriweather has the old-school, very scholar style that initally drew me to a monospaced font, but it’s more elegant and calls a little less for attention.
  3. BJJ week-end complement

    Aside from the seminar this week-end, I got to roll with a couple of new people which is always interresting. I was mostly looking forward to rolling with the buddies from my old academy but that unfortunately didn’t happen. The only one I could roll with is my friend David (not Pierre-Louis this time), in nogi. David is the one who introduced me to bjj; he trains about four 4 times a week in two or three academies, one of them being an hour drive away. He used to be a notch ahead of me, and rightfully so — he has a lot more martial arts background than i do (almost anyone has), he had trained for 6 month before I started and was basically feeding himself on jiu jitsu videos. He litterally has 3 ipad screens full of bjj apps.
  4. Self confidence through BJJ

    Inspired by The Life Changing Benefits Of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu BJJ had some profound changes on me too, but the most impressive change I’ve seen happened these last months. At the begiing of the year, a new guy came into the gym. He’s about 1m70, around 110 kilos (and not of muscle) and in his late 30s. He has a bit of a shriek voice and was very shy at first. He’d never invite anyone to spare or even drill with him, he was apologizing every 5 seconds for no particular reason. If all his previous life was like this, I’m pretty sure he was a favorite pick for bullys.