I attended another seminar at my old academy two weeks ago, but I have to say this one lacked the systemic approach that David Pierre-Louis usually has when teaching (even though he was the one teaching this time too). We went through a couple of different positions but there was no clear progression this time. There are a couple of usefull tips that I was able to take away but there was no eye-opening moment.

It also was an opportunity to roll with both old friends and newcomers and I have to say I felt very solid. I had rolls with people that used to be way better than me and I gave them a run for their money. David paid it back to me for last time but I was exhausted and he was fresh, so I guess we’ll have a final next time.

The next part I rewrote a couple of times then lost the final version somehow, so I’ll do it quickly this time. Sorry if it sounds like bragging or being rude.

My old academy has some issues and I believe it’s mainly due to them not seeing enough of the rest of the world. One of the guys there was promoted to blue belt during the seminar, but he isnt. I submitted him easily with a cross choke from the back. He’s way heavier than I am and not technical at all. When the other white belts there will submit him, they’ll think they are cake when they arent. I cant blame them, I’ve done it too. When I arrived in Strasbourg is thought I was close to my blue belt, and then I got submitted by skinny white belts.

They also train a kid who moves pretty well but who couldn’t defend my guard pull / back take / choke either. And he got upset about it. I think they put in his head that he’s going to be the next world champion and now his ego is all bat shit crazy and he ignores the flaws in his game. It’s too bad becaue he probably has talent.