Daniel Bertina: One Second Guard Passes

Pass #1

Enter the butterfly guard and clamp the elbows together right away. Catch the foot on one side using the hand, post the head on the opposite side and jump out into side control.

Passing hopping over
You get some style points for this pass

Pass #2

Same start but clamp the knees together too to prevent foot movement. Post an elbow on the cross side and backstep.

Pass #3a

Standing passer vs. laying opponent. Push one knee down to the ground, ideally pinning it and then get an angle. My second hand cups his free knee. In one move, the first hand pushes the knee back / pins it harder while doing a backstep / shoulder of justice drop.

Pass #3b

After #3a, start pivoting on the right knee (assuming a right hand side pass) and windshield wiper over the flatened leg but under the other, still cuped one. Completing the pass from there is pretty straightforward.

Practising the pass

Step Trough: Jedi Mind Trick

Standing, against a sitting opponent. If there is space under one of his armpits, simply step the cross leg in there. Then follow the motion through and drop to knee on belly. Some prior distraction or actual jedi mind control may help.

Toreando Style

Start circling around a sitting opponent. As he follows the motion, let him go ahead a little. When that happens, put one hand on his hip, push his through with the other hand, towards where he was turning. Drop toreando style while doing that.

A group photo at the end pof the class
Attendance after the last morning class. Yes, we lost people on the way.

#Luiz Lyra: Overhook From Closed Guard

Luiz joined the teacher roaster late in the week and this was his only class I could attend. He was also the only brazilian black beltch in the house. Well, brown belt actually.

Luiz Lira

I honnestly didn’t take notes for this lesson because I was familiar with the sequence. He started with taking an overhook from closed guard and showed us the arm bar from there, and then a bunch of variations with some wrist locks thrown in here and there. The final attack was a biceps slicer from the close gaurd where you lasso one arm, feed the free leg under his trapped armpit, lock a figure four and posture up to him.

The biceps slicer

Oli Geddes: Dog Bar

For his (and my) last lesson of the week, Oli endulged us with his famous dog bar, from both top and bottom half guard. I failed to take notes again, but the general idea is to block a hip with a grip, trap a leg and press on the knee with the crotch. He also showed some entries into x-guard that he forgot to cover in the previous lesson and a x-guard to tripod sweep to footlock combo.

Oli geddes on the last day

On those two last lessons, I worked with Ying from the netherlands who happens to be a student of Andre Nunes and who had been in Hamburg as well before. Small world.