Daniel Bertina: Big Pressure Armbar


From closed guard, the left hand grabs the same side wrist and the right hand cups the cross-triceps. A pull on that arm brings the opponent into an arm drag/arm bar position. Switch to a higher guard, one leg trapping the shoulder and the other one locking the guard above, putting a lot of pressure on the shoulder.

Daniel Bertina during the morning class

Option One: Americana

Because the armbar is telegraphed, a possible defense is to pull in the shoulder and hopefully the elbow. The americana is a good pre-emptive counter to that:

  • my left knee pushes down towards the ground and the right knee
  • my right arm pushes into the opposite direction, my left arm keeps his arm from straightening
  • hips riseee

Other Options

Attacking the wrist is very doable from there. Straightening the arm is a defense to both the americana and the wrist lock but leads right into the arm bar. If he pulls the arm away, the triangle is right there. And of course, the omoplata isnt far away either.

Whenever theres an arm bar, theres an arm drag.

Christian Graugart: Triangle Defense

Obviously, its better to not even wind up in a triangle. But when it happens…

Early Escape

Keep a good posture and create a frame with my arms on the free-arm side. One hand anchors on the hip bone, the other one grabs the wrist. My knees go under his hips and I look upwards.

Not So Early Escape

If my posture is broken down, create a little space with my arms to buy some time. Stand up pressuring with both hands on the chest and pull the opponent below me. Awkwarldy, throw my leg over my inside arm and then the other leg above that. Cross the ankles and push to break the lock. Keep my thumb pointed towards his chest to prevent the armbar.

Christian Graugart, in a triangle.

Late Escape

When everything else failed, grab his leg with both hands and yank it down. Then sprawl hard to the closed side to prevent him from getting the right angle. Then wait for the next shit to happen, usually an arm bar.

David George: DLR Attacks Against Combat Base

Attacks start with a DLR hook (left side assumed), a free right leg, the left hand griping the heel and turning it outwards. The right hand does different things.

Sweep #1

With a left DLR hook, put the hook on his hips and move my right leg out of reach for him. This leg then steps on his DLR-side shoulder and elevate my hips. From there,drop the DLR hook and start turning towards the hook side but without inverting. Knees to the ground, toes in attack mode and keep driving to the side. The pressure on the arm should sweep him. Keep control of the leg and use it to complete the pass.

Stepping on the shoulder with the leg

Sweep #2

Same start as #1 but after the step on the shoulder, feed the right foot under the arm pit all the way to the hip and then start turning in the other direction, opening the right knee to sweep. Transition to the arm bar from there.

Feeding the leg through


Same start as #2 but once the right leg is fed trough, start a berimbolo. Once inverted, disengage the DLR hook and switch it to an arm bar.

Oli Gedes: X-Guard

Instead of hooking the leg over the shoulder and getting shined in the face, the x-guard can be used with the leg under the armpit. All positions start from there.

Sweep #1

Oli sweeping Eric

Easy as pie, the high leg pushes back on the hip, the low leg sweeps forward.

Sweep #2

The blade of the high foot goes in the crotch and pushes upwards there (yes, it hurts a bit). Then post on the elbow and get up for a single leg.

The tall guys playing x-guard

Sweep #3

Get a grip on the closest sleeve and feed it below his own leg to my hooking hand. Push something? Then load the opponent up using a collar grip and roll backwards.

Sweep #4

Get the farthest sleeve and feed it to the other hand,under his own leg. Grab the gi behind his back on do the same load & roll.