Here’s my review of the Gameness Elite. It was given to me as a good-bye gift from working colleagues in Troyes in David is to blame for the choice. I’ve been using it on a regular basis for over a year now.


Front view

Do I need to introduce Gameness? Given they are one of the biggest brands out there, I hardly think so. They have a very dull style of communicating and don’t claim particualr values.

The Design

Some patches

If there wasn’t worse out there, I’d say the Elite is bling. Some like to dress that way, I certainly don’t.

There are a buch of patches, either stitched to the gi or directly sewn in, usually with a lot of arabesques. “Gameness Elite” is written all over the place, maybe in case you can’t remember what you’re wearing.

Elite Dog
There’s this dogface grinning at people from your leg. I’m happy I don’t have to look at it because I’m wearing the gi.
Back of the gi
The embroidery on the back looks really good. My mom added the circular VHTS patch. Thanks mom.

The red stitches act as good looking contrast on the black.

Shoulder stichings

The gi certainly isn’t ugly and if you’re into hip-hop apparel you’ll probably like it. I favor simpler designs so I’d drop the stupid dog and the shoulder patches.

Wear And Tear

Good money for good quality, that’s for sure. The gi shrunk a little too much over acoupleof washes but it still passes competition inspection. The black is a little lighter that when I got it, but aside from that the gi is SOLID. No wholes, no rippins, not even a stich coming loose in over a year of intensive use.

pants front view

The pants are made of ripstop. They are less comfortable than cottonpants but slightly lighter. ANother great feature of this gi is the collar;I have no idea what rubber band they put in there, but simply gripping is exhausting, let alone pull on it.

Back of the gi pants
Bonus patch one leg. Why the fuck do you insist putting on that many patches? Am I an advertising board or something?

The best feature at the end: the jacket’s inside is made of rashguard! I can only encourage you to buy gis with those, they are a joy to put on. Aaaand more stupid dog faces. A lot more.

pants front view

I’m not a huge fan of the design but I’ll conceide that it’s a matter of taste here and not some obvious design mistakes. The cut is fairly good, even for a tall & lanky guy like myself. And the rashguard is dope.